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Why I Need This 

~ I have never opened a restaurant before and I need help.


~ I have a good understanding of what needs to be done but an experienced helping hand would make my life much easier.

~My experience is in the front house and I need to set my kitchen up right. 

~ I have never worked in the restaurant industry so an experienced ally would help get this concept open. 

~  I don't have a chef yet but I still need to open.

~  I need an experienced hand to make my open smooth as possible.  I know i only get one chance to launch properly.


New Restaurant Start Up Package
Specializing in hands on help opening of your next restaurant



Starting a new restaurant can be equally exciting as well as nerve wracking.  Not everyone has the luxury of being in the business for numerous years to experience all aspects.  It is always beneficial to seek help from a professional who specializes in areas you may not.  I am here to work side by side with you or your team to make the setup, organisation, and the execution of your opening as efficient as possible.

With the New Restaurant Startup Package, we custom cater it to aspects that you may need assistance with and, we work with you on aspects you have covered.  The services are unique to your project.  Some of the services we can implement into your plan are:


Menu Creation/ Menu Editing/ Menu Styling


Food safety  & Sanitation Plan Writing


Creating Formal Recipes, Recipe Book, Training & Coaching

Staff On Executing Recipes


Setting Up or Working With your Staff On Setting Up The Kitchen


Full Menu Costing So You Keep Food Costs Intact


Sourcing Products And Setting Up Suppliers


Setting Up Kitchen To Pass Health Inspection


Support For Soft Or Grand Opening To Get You Off To The Right Start

You don't need to go at this alone.  Give me a call today at 778-988-5669 or drop me a message by clicking the Contact Us Today Banner at the end of the page.  Lets set you up for success and get you started on the right foot.

The Bottom Line Is - I Make You Money

                                                                              To Your Bottom Line

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