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Backhouse Biz $1.01- The Art Of French Fries

StartFragmentThis month I want to talk a little about French fries. Particularly making your own fries. If this is something you are interested in, I will give you a little break down on what method I use and have used for years. EndFragment


First of all you are gonna need a French fry chipper. These can be purchased from any food service retailer and the best ones attach on the wall. It is easier to do mass amounts of potatoes/ fries faster with this style of machine.

Second most important thing is the type of potatoes to use. You must use Kennebec potatoes because they have the perfect amount of sugar in the potato so they won't cook too dark. Russet potatoes have too much sugar and tend to look burnt when cooked. So use the Kennebec as they are industry standard.

The final tip is to have two fryers. One turned down to 300F and one turned to 350F. You will blanch the freshly "chipped" fries in the 300F fryer then store blanched fries in walk in cooler. Then when you need an order you would cook them in the 350F fryer until golden brown.

Now this is the bonus stuff. You need to season your fries as soon as they are finished cooking. What I have found to work best is seasoning salt. You can use any kind of special seasoning blends that you create, but if you are going to just use salt and pepper then upgrade to the seasoning salt.

Finally I want to talk a little about double cooked fries. One of the negative effects of making your on fries is that they get soggy sooner than frozen processed fries. Feel free to drop them in for a couple of seconds to crisp them up again. This is what's called double cooked fries, and it is my favorite way to have these type of fries.

Until next time ......

See ya on the flip side.


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