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Why I Need This 

~ Food Costs are high so I need to raise my prices


~ Been running the same menu for years and my customers are bored with it.

~I want to put some new items on the menu but which ones do I get rid of.

~ I am opening a new restaurant and I need some help designing my menu.

~  We are busy but I don't seem to be making enough profit.

~  I want to change my menu but where do i start.


Menu Design/Makeover



A well designed restaurant menu is the most important aspect of your business.  It tells the customer who you are and what they are about to expect.  In representing your menu, the decisions you make will effect the creative and fiscal direction of your concept.

With the menu design/makeover we can write your menu or take a look at your existing menu to look for opportunities to capitalize on.  No matter what life stage your existing menu is at, there is always ways to freshen up the concept and keeping existing customers coming back.  Unfortunately there is not a silver bullet solution for all menus so each menu is treated differently.  Some of the potential solutions may include:

Writing Your Menu For Startup Restaurants So You Get Off To The Right Foot From Day One.

Updating Your Current menu To Introducing It To Relevant Trends 


Updated Costing Of The Menu In Relation

To Current Costs


Styling of Menu Items To Enhance



Recipe Testing Or Reworking To Improve

Signature Items


Menu Engineering To Establish Correlation Based

On Popularity & Profitability


Assistance With Product Sourcing To Find The Right

Fit For Your Menu

Let me assure you that the process of revisiting  your menu and keeping it current is a real work of beauty.  My clients are blown away on how transparent it makes your leading sales tool more effective.   

The Bottom Line Is - I Make You Money

                                                                               To Your Bottom Line

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