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Professional Food Safety & Sanitation plan          written so you don't have to. 
Guaranteed to pass.



A food safety plan is a systematic breakdown of your menu items listing potentially hazardous situations, how to monitor them, and how to rectify them.  This could be anything from refrigeration temperatures, hot holding temperatures, proper defrosting techniques, cooling techniques, reheating procedures, and much more. 

As part and parcel to the food safety plan, comes the sanitation plan.  This is a systematized documentation of chemicals used in the restaurant, services sub contractors, a catalog of equipment and how to routinely clean them, food safe logs and a  routine cleaning schedule for managers to implement the cleanliness of your restaurant.

To begin the process of writing your food safety & sanitation plan, I will need a copy of your menu in which you submitted to the health authority.  This needs to be as close to your finished menu as possible and needed to give you a accurate quote.  The second step is, I will need to go over your menu with you or your Chef so I may write the most accurate charts possible.  

For the sanitation plan, I will need to do a walk through your kitchen to gather the information needed to write the plan.  This is not a health inspection but I may be able to answer any questions you have about how far along you are, what you may need, and who/ how you may be able to obtain it.  

If you are outside the lower mainland, no problem we can still get them both done and sent through e-mail.




Why I Need This 

~ Have you ever tried writing these plans, it's gonna take forever.  I got more important things to worry about.


~In British Columbia, the food safety and sanitation are a mandatory requirement to receive your operating permit.  

~You will have a systematic procedural map of best practices following provincial food safe guide.

~ It is an organised guide of methods for keeping your kitchen clean, sanitized, and safe.

~  Everyone's plan is custom written to your specific operation- no one size fits all.

The Bottom Line Is - I Make You Money

                                                                            To Your Bottom Line


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