Food Safe Consultant To Hep With Any Health Authority Assessments



As the old adage goes, " There are two things that are guaranteed in life - death and taxes".  Well if you own a restaurant, you can add one more, a visit from your local health authority. This can be a very stressful time, and depending on the state of your establishment, could even be more drastic.  Help is out there.

If you are outside the lower mainland, no problem we can still get them both done and sent through e-mail.




Why I Need This 

~ Have you ever tried writing these plans, it's gonna take forever.  I got more important things to worry about.


~In British Columbia, the food safety and sanitation are a mandatory requirement to receive your operating permit.  

~You will have a systematic procedural map of best practices following provincial food safe guide.

~ It is an organised guide of methods for keeping your kitchen clean, sanitized, and safe.

~  Everyone's plan is custom written to your specific operation- no one size fits all.


Looking for more of a hands on approach check out the 

Startup Package

The Bottom Line Is I Add Money

                                                            To Your Bottom Line