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Red Seal Chef For On Call Relief Work
(Will Work Out Of Town)



Never has the labour market for the food service industry been so miserable.  I haven't seen it this bad since 2007.  Whoever I talk to asks the same thing "Do you know of any good cooks". Let me help you out.  I offer a cook/ Chef for hire service in your restaurant that is perfect for temporary relief work.  Be it a single shift to longer arrangements, I do it all.  

If you haven't scanned through my Curriculum  Vitae page, on this website, I invite you to.   It encompasses over 30 years of kitchen/ food & beverage experience which you get when I step into your kitchen.  My rates are very competitive compared to other staffing agencies in the lower mainland.  My service is perfect to fill in for cooks on medical leave, maternity leave, vacation, interim while searching for a full time employee,  floater for multiple locations, or extra hand for large functions.  As everyone's needs are custom for their operation, I offer custom solutions.   

If this is something you may be interested in please feel free to call me at 778-988-5669 and we can discuss what you need as well as rates and availability.  You can reach me as well by hitting the "Contact Us Today" tab at the bottom of this page.

Help is on the way and it's always nice to have a "ace up your sleeve".

Why I Need This 

~ I am constantly short handed and have people  calling in sick or not showing up.


~ I need coverage for vacation, leave of absence, maternity, short term disability, ect. 

~I have two or more locations and I need a floater to cover my staff's time off or sick days.

~ I am having a hard time finding cooks so It would be nice to have someone to fill in til I find one.

~  My busy season is coming up and I need a solid extra pair of hands to make things go smooth.

The Bottom Line Is - I Make You Money

                                                                             To Your Bottom Line

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