Back House Biz $1.01- Oh My! My Menu Is Out Of Control

You've heard me say that the most important aspect of your restaurant is your menu. It is the reason for your existence, as well as your most important marketing tool. Why is it that restaurant owners, on average, like to create these huge tomes of offerings without realizing there are real consequences to these albatrosses. It is a statistical fact that your top 3 to 4 items in any section of your menu make up 60% of the sales in that section. Let that sink in for a moment...….. Boston Pizza is one of Canada's most successful chain restaurants across the country and is synonymous for having a huge menu. I was looking in their appetizer section and counted 15 items (If you include the three

Back House Biz $1.01 - Things To Consider In Site Selection

It's an exciting and nerve wrecking time. Your first or second location and your jumping in head first. I want to talk about a few things you might want to consider when selecting your location. The first thing, as the old adage goes, Is Location, Location, Location. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a prospective location. The three most important things, in my opinion, is potential for traffic, potential for being noticed, and Parking. The first thing you want to keep in mind when selecting a site is how much potential traffic am I gonna to have passing my restaurant every day. Your real estate agent will have a good idea, but maybe spending some time in the area and doing

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