Back House Biz $1.01- 5 Tips To Revising Your Menu

I was reading an article the other day where they debunked industry old techniques of designing menu with statistical data. Like when people read the menus, they don't start in the top right hand corner, they actually start in the top left corner and read it like a book. This got me thinking of some of the things I think about when I am designing or refreshing a menu. So here are a few techniques or things I consider. When I write a menu I make sure that I don't put $ by the price. For example I would write " Buffalo Chicken Wings 15 ". Instead of writing " Buffalo Chicken Wings $15". I find that the dollar sign takes the focus away from the actual item and reminds the customer that it's gon

Backhouse Biz $1.01 - How To Create Catering Packages For The Holiday Season

During the course of the year, parties are a great way to increase sales and add to your total year end revenues. No better time to capitalize on this is during November and December. The Christmas party season is the "low hanging fruit" of the year. Are you prepared? Party's are a great way to add that extra "gravy" to the already busy season, but it is also a great way to expose new customers to your establishment. That is why it is important that you have a solid design and execution. When designing your party offerings, there are a few things to consider. Most of the time it will revolve around space. Do you have enough room to host a party for 30 if you have a 50 seat restaurant? Do you

Backhouse Biz $1.01- Hiring Great People Starts With A Great Ad

When I'm talking to my clients or new clients , one of the most common discussions we have usually start with "Do you know of any cooks?". Unfortunately I have never seen it this bad since 2007 when the housing boom turned line cooks into general labourers for $26 an hour. This phenomenon is what is known as a "Employees Market". Unfortunately you see the momentum shifts from the employer screening candidates for a job, to a employer being interviewed for the opportunity of them working for you. Once you get your head around this shift in thinking you will have a good start with your next hiring campaign. A well crafted ad is the only way you can have an advantage over the hundreds of help w

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