Backhouse Biz $1.01- The Art Of French Fries

StartFragmentThis month I want to talk a little about French fries. Particularly making your own fries. If this is something you are interested in, I will give you a little break down on what method I use and have used for years. EndFragment StartFragment First of all you are gonna need a French fry chipper. These can be purchased from any food service retailer and the best ones attach on the wall. It is easier to do mass amounts of potatoes/ fries faster with this style of machine. Second most important thing is the type of potatoes to use. You must use Kennebec potatoes because they have the perfect amount of sugar in the potato so they won't cook too dark. Russet potatoes have too m

Backhouse Biz $1.01- Love The One Your With

StartFragment There was a song by Steven Stills in the 70's that went " And if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with". This is a situation that most restaurants may need to find themselves in regards to hiring. One of the most common questions that I come across when meeting new restaurant owners is "Do you know of any good cooks, I need one". Unfortunately it is a employees market in the food industry right now. The reality is that living is expensive and to the point that near minimum wage it unrealistic to survive. So remember that the next time a new hire candidate asks for a starting wage that is $3-$5 above minimum wage. You might as well get used to i

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