Yield Factors -The Real Truth Behind Profits

Ahh Monday morning, you grab a cup of coffee, look at the weekends sales figures, browse your suppliers special fresh sheet. Your eyes focus on a few interesting deals: Top Round roast $2.75 a pound, Pork loin Center muscle 1.99 a pound, and hey they have a product called Top Sirloin Steak Ready Butts. You have heard of this product before but never used it much and thought for the price $3.69 a pound, why not. You figure that you would maybe do a simple Steak Champions special this weekend, and at this price, really make some dough. You start costing your dish out, $.20 cents for starch, $.15 for vegetables, and $.20 for mushrooms. For the steak $3.69 divided by 16, times 8oz., and STOP!!!!

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