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"Helping independent restaurants maximize their operational and financial strategies."


My name is Tyrone Sadorsky and I am a Vancouver Restaurant Consultant who has been in the food and beverage industry for over 31 years. Recently relocated to Kelowna BC, I am Red Seal certified and worked in everything from cafeterias to fine dining. Started my career in the sunny Okanagan, where I now have relocated back to Kelowna after spending 22 years in kitchens across  Vancouver's Lower mainland.


- I like to refer to my services as             coaching, not consulting. A coach         works side by side with you.


- Coaches provide an outsider's view 


- Coaches give guidance not marching    orders.


- Coaches will brain storm ideas with      you instead of telling you what to          do. 


- Coaches will tell you like it is.


-  Coaches will listen


-  Coaches will focus on helping you         with your current and future goals


-  Coaches combine their experience         with your experience to address           opportunities


No problem is too big or small for our coaching services. 

  • Food Safety Plans & Sanitation Plans

  • Chef/ Cook For Hire Services

  • Systematizing Kitchen Operations

  • Food Cost & Labour Cost management

  • Opening Restaurant Services 

  • Health & Safety Consulting

  • Menu development and re branding

  • Menu Engineerng analysis

  • Recipe evaluation and re wrking

  • Mystery Shopper

  • Social Media Program

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The Bottom Line Is - I Make You Money

                                                                           To Your Bottom Line

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